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Specifications for


BEST {Power | Speed | Quality | Support}

Powered by Xeon

We run on Powerful Intel Xeon processors. Damn! Servers are Stronger than us 🙁

100% Pure SSD

Yes! we use SSD, rather than your granpa’s generation HDD.

24 x 7 Running

The VPS is always running. So you can go to sleep but the VPS won’t.

Unlimited Bandwidth

No one likes Limited Stuffs, isn’t it ? Even we don’t like it, no limits!

Upto 1gb/s Speed

If you are slow its your fault. As we love being fast.

100% Quality

We hate being Cheap. All our Tools are 100% Genuine & Updatable.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We understand 8hrs sleep is imporant, but it’s for humans.

Best Datacenters

Servers in Best datacenterof Europe. Not in Rural Areas.

100% Refund

Get 24hrs full refund on Shared VPS plan, so doubters can try the shit.

Tools you get…

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Web Scraping Tools

Web Seo Crawlers

Social Media / Marketing Tools

Content Spinning Tools

Internet Business Promotion Tools

Video Marketing Tools

Video Editing Tools

Article Creation Tools

Tools Request & Much More!

Why SEO Tools VPS?

1. Complete Automated Link Building.

Building Backlinks / Tier Links has never been easier than this. Just start the VPS and setup campaigns in Scrapebox or Senuke or GSA. That’s it! “You’re Done… RELAX”

2. No need to pay monthly for SEO Tools.

No charges for using the tools. Just you pay for the VPS and we take care of other stuffs.

3) Scrape Like a Boss.

No need to keep your system on and wait for the Scraping to finish. Just Start the Scraping on VPS and turn off your system if you want. VPS runs 24 x 7 without any network limitations.

4) No Forced Contracts + Easy Backup & Restore.

There are no long term contracts you choose your billing cycle and pay accordingly and can cancel or change your billing cycle anytime*.

Also if you don’t want to continue your subscription for some months then you can do that too without losing any of your data, take easy backup using our automated backup tool and restore using our restoration tool when you come back. It’s that simple 😉

Compatible with all Operating Systems

[Unbeatable Price]
Just our Price is Cheap, Quality Isn’t!


Get [Desired Results] for your [Business]

So we will let the numbers below speak for itself.
We always strive to provide the best service, best support and products with the best possible rates with top notch quality service for 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Happy Clients


Quality Service & Support

Years in Business

Don’t be Left Behind by your [Competitors]


Will other customers see my data in shared VPS?

No people cannot see your data in shared VPS plan as its shared server with dedicated account without admin rights, so they can’t access your user account.

Shared VPS are shared between how many people?

SSV – Shared VPS plan is shared between 6 – 8 people per server. We don’t load up more people on a single server as we don’t wanna ruin our customers experience.

SSV – Dedicated VPS plan is not shared with anyone as its your own dedicated server.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my VPS Plan?

Yes you can, just create a support ticket and we will guide you.

Can be used on how many systems?

We don’t restrict IP or systems, you can use it from anywhere around the world from your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android Phone/Tablet, iPhone, iPad, iPod.

[Note: No Simultaneous connections, only 1 device can stay connected at a time]

Do I also get Proxies with the VPS?

No, you don’t get proxies but you can buy proxies from: Here.

Still Have Doubts?